Transcendant Truth

In my article Two Kinds of Truth we discovered that absolute truths make great reference points for our lives, we also recognize that man does not create truth, he only discovers it.  Therefore, the question arises, “Who or what created truth?  Does God exist?”

To answer these questions I will use the Truth Finding Method also discussed in Two Kinds of Truth.  Once again that Method is:

Objective Evidence + Real Faith = Truth

The Truth Finding Method is used to create a hypothesis for truth.  It’s premise is that in order to find truth:

  1. There must be objective evidence.
  2. There must be action. The definition for “real faith” is objective evidence in action.
  3. It must work. Truth is borne out, only if it WORKS.

In this article we will discuss the first step of finding transcendent truth:


Is there any objective evidence for transcendent truth?

Let’s consider the following 3 observations.

OBSERVATION #1:  The dismantling of a watch.

Consider a watch as it’s taken apart and put in a paper bag.  Now SHAKE!

Here’s the question.  What are the odds that all the pieces of the watch will fall back together again just by shaking the bag?

I think most people would agree that the odds of this happening are zero.  That’s because we realize that a watch exists by DESIGN, not by CHANCE.  There is a MIND behind its existence— it has a DESIGNER.

Now consider the human body. As we analyze its complexity, do we see an intelligence behind its design? Do we see a designer? 

Let’s look at different parts of the human body. 

The Brain and Eye

The brain operates a computer system more complex than any system built by man. Billions of bits of information are controlled by the brain— right down to the flicker of an eyelid. 

In computer systems, information is carried by wires and electronic parts. In the body, nerves carry information back and forth through the central nervous system. The brain contains more circuitry than any computer in the world. 

Did you know that you actually SEE with your brain? Of course, the message is carried there from another magnificent structure — the human eye. Modern cameras use the same principles as the eye. The focus and aperture of the eye adjusts automatically. 

The Ear 

The sound we hear comes from a musical instrument played inside our ear. It’s the cochlea, a tiny organ rolled up like a sea shell. 

Sound is produced when air from the outer ear moves through the inner ear (cochlea) vibrating three tiny bones (ossicles). 

Interestingly enough, these bones are the same size now as they were when we were born. 

Chemical Functions

The body is a chemical plant more complex than any chemical plant built by man. The body’s chemical plant changes the food we eat into living tissue. It causes the growth of flesh, blood, bones and teeth. It repairs the body when parts are damaged by accident or disease. Power for work or play comes from the food we eat. 

The Heart 

The heart is a muscular pump that pushes blood through thousands of miles of blood vessels. On average, the heart pumps 1.5 gallons of blood through our body every minute. That’s more than forty (50) gallon drums of blood in one day. Blood is important because it carries food and oxygen to every part of the body. 

Cooling and Heating System 

In summer our body can overheat. When this happens our body’s own cooling system takes over. Drops of perspiration pour from millions of tiny sweat glands in the skin. This moisture keeps our body cool. On the heat side, the human body regulates itself to a temperature of about 98.6°F. 

Skeletal Structure and Lubrication 

The human body has a dynamic framework of bone and cartilage called the skeleton. The human skeleton is flexible with hinges and joints designed to move. To cut down on harmful frictions, moving parts must be lubricated. Man made machines are lubricated from the outside, but the body lubricates itself from the inside. It manufactures a jelly like substance in exactly the right amount everywhere it’s needed. 

What are the odds that this could all happen just by chance? 

Ask yourself, does the design reflect a designer? Do the objective facts of the human body provide enough objective evidence for us to believe that there is a designer? 


Based on its design, it is logical to conclude that the human body has a designer. It’s too complex to have occurred by random events. 

But who or what designed it? Can we find him/it? 

OBSERVATION #2:  Can we find the Designer?

To answer this question, we need to think in terms of man’s limited ability.  By this I mean that man is limited in his ability to know things, he is FINITE in his knowledge.  Some people know more “things” than others, but basically everyone has a beginning and an ending to what they can and cannot know.  So, logically we can assume that if there is a God he would have to have more knowledge than us (or he wouldn’t be God), perhaps INFINITE knowledge.  In other words, he would have to be bigger than us in terms of his knowledge.

With this, we realize that man could never find God.  Through all his efforts man, a finite being, could never fully grasp the infinite.  However, with this realization comes another one— that the infinite, if he/it wanted to, could find man.


Man is finite.  God is infinite.  The finite can’t find the infinite.  The infinite must find the finite.

Is there any evidence that the infinite (Designer) is trying to find the finite (man)?

OBSERVATION #3:  Is the Designer trying to find man?

If he is, we can immediately rule out religion.  Why?  Because religion is all about “man’s efforts toward God”, an idea we just dispelled.  Man can’t find God.  But he’ll try.  He’ll set up rules and expect himself and others to meet those rules so that he/they can “find God”.  But it just doesn’t work.

So where do we look?

In my next article I’ll discuss indisputable evidence that the Designer is trying to find us.

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