The Importance of Truth

It was dark when John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren took off from the Essex County airport in New Jersey headed for Martha’s Vineyard on July 16, 1999.  Weather conditions were poor.  Although other pilots had cancelled their flight plans, Kennedy insisted on flying even though he was not instrument qualified.

As he flew into the haze hugging the Atlantic ocean, there were no lights to see along the shoreline, there were no stars overhead.  Even so, everything seemed fine until he began his descent into the Martha Vineyard airport.

As he approached the airport he made two right turns and became disoriented.  A review of the radar data indicates that he accelerated to a speed 10 times that of a normal decent and crashed out of control into the ocean killing all aboard.

Authorities would later tell us that the cause of the crash was spatial disorientation.  Spatial disorientation happens when a “visual horizon” is lost due to poor weather conditions.  Without a point of reference, such as lights along a shoreline or stars in the sky, a pilot becomes disoriented not knowing where he/she is relative to the ground.

As in flying, reference points are critical in LIFE.  If we don’t have reference points our lives can easily go astray.

That’s what truth does.  Truth provides a reference point from which we can guide our lives.  Without truth we are lost.

But what is truth?

In the following articles I will show you how to:

Search for Truth

I’ll discuss two types of truth: Relative and Absolute.  I also offer a Truth Finding Method you can use in your own life to produce truth.

I will show you how to:

Find Truth

I’ll also discuss Transcendent Truth.  Transcendent truth is truth beyond the five senses.  By definition then, is transcendent truth attainable?  To find out, I propose three objective questions that let you make your own determination. 

I will show you how to:

Understand Truth

Just because you find truth doesn’t mean that you will understand it.  A caveman can stumble upon a computer and not understand what it’s used for.  The truth of the computer is there, but that doesn’t mean the caveman knows it’s purpose.  In this section I’ll make sure you understand truth so you can use it to your benefit. 

I will show you how to:

Apply Truth

I will show you how to apply truth so that it meets your needs.  We’ll discuss the difference between Purpose Motivation and Needs Motivation, two different ways of approaching life and your situation in it.

I will show you how to:

Spread Truth

Truth is something to be shared.  Vision lets you do it in a way that expresses your personality.  In this article I will help you find vision for your life.

When we learn to think truthfully, we find a life that WORKS.