You’re New to the Website, So Where Do You Start?

There are 4 articles I think you should read first. Why? Because I think they’ll give you a good foundation for finding a life that works. 

After you’ve read these articles, the other articles will help you build from there.

So let’s get started.

Has anyone ever asked you if you are “saved?”

What do they mean by that anyway?  Are they trying to indoctrinate you into a religion?  It’s the kind of term that makes you want turn around and run!

Article One

So the first article I’d like you to read is, What is Salvation and Why is It Needed? This article will give you an objective understanding of what salvation is and why it’s needed to make your life work.

In this article we consider salvation without all the religious overtones.  We explore the condition of man and how we got here. We discuss God’s plan for restoring man.

Many think that God is mad at them because of the sin in their lives, but He really isn’t. God’s concerned about man’s fallen nature.  Without a new nature man is doomed to death. This article shows you what Christ did to acquire a new nature for you.

Article Two

Then in the next article, The Importance of Repentance in the Process of Salvation, I show you the process God uses to transfer this new nature to you. I also show you what you need to do in order to receive it. I make a distinction between those who truly repent of their sin and those who use religion as a way of furthering their agenda.

Article Three

Even still, some people may misunderstand. They go to church, they “believe” in Jesus— so in my article, What It Means To Believe in Jesus, I make it perfectly clear what it means to believe in Jesus. Is it just an intellectual exercise? Why do some people fall away and others continue in Christ? This article will show you why some people are still born and why others are born again.

Article Four

That being said, with a clear understanding of what salvation is and what true repentance is, I give you 3 principles for living the christian life in How To Live The Christian Life. These 3 principles will transform you! Without them you can’t live a life that works.

From there, explore the website further. If later, you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the e-mail form provided.

God Bless,